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Energy Impacts

established in 1993 by Chuck Visnic, is a full service energy consulting organization supporting sustainability and energy compliance through application of the California Title 24 Energy Standards. Energy Impacts' staff is certified in Title 24 California Model Energy code reporting, Home Energy Rating Service testing HERS, Certified Energy Analysis CEA, Certified Energy Plans Examining CEPE, Solar Rating, LEED professional, and Mechanical Design.

In order to stay current on energy advancements, Energy Impacts is an active member of multiple energy related organizations including CHEERS - California Home Energy Efficiency Rating Services, USGBC - U.S. Green Building Council, CABEC - California Association of Building Energy Consultants, RESNET - Residential Energy Services Network, and IHACI - Institute of Heating and Air Conditioning Industries.

Model Energy Code

in the state of California is the Title 24 Energy Standard that provides minimum energy compliance or a complete energy efficient design paradigm.

Sustainable Solutions

represents a balance that accomodates human needs without diminishing the health and productivity of natural systems. AIA defines sustainability as "the ability of society to continue functioning into the future without being forced into decline through exhaustion or overloading of the key resources on which that system depends.

Energy Impacts is dedicated to this philosophy for the children.