Title 24 Compliance Documentation

Energy Impacts is a California Title 24 energy consulting corporation meeting residential and commercial compliance requirements. Founded in 1993, over 3000 Title 24 projects have been completed.

Title 24 information that is usually needed includes:

  • Floor plans - existing, new, and demolition
  • Site plan with true orientation
  • Elevations / Sections
  • Fenestration schedules
  • HVAC and water heating information
  • Project location (address)
  • Designer and Owner name, address, and phone number
  • Date original building built (remodels only)

Information is preferred in electronic format i.e., AutoCad .dwg

Energy Impacts will deliver the following Title 24 documentation:

  • Three copies of T-24 report
  • Installation package to be kept on the site
  • Three copies of T-24 architectual plan sheet
  • Electronic copies (when requested) such as dwg/pdf and reports wmf/pdf